Update of Spack packages

GROMACS Chain Coordinate 2021.5-0.2 and GROMACS-SWAXS 2021.5-0.4 are now available in Spack.

Following package versions are now installable with Spack (related commit)

  • GROMACS Chain Coordinate 2021.5-0.2
  • GROMACS-SWAXS 2021.5-0.4, 2021.5-0.3, 2020.7-0.4, 2020.7-0.3

They will be present in stable Spack starting with Spack 0.19.0 release.

Maciej Wójcik
Maciej Wójcik
Master student

Software developer (hardware and web) with Bioinformatics background, currently working on GROMACS-SWAXS.