Master and Bachelor projects

We have several interesting Master and Bachelor projects available. Most of our projects involve computational work, but also mostly analytic projects are possible.

Please contact Jochen if you are interested or have any questions. Possible Master and Bachelor project include, but are not limited to:

  • Computational: Free energy calculations of topological transitions of lipid membranes
  • Computational: MD simulations of complex (possibly asymmetric) membranes
  • Computational: experiment-guided solution ensembles of proteins
  • Analytic and software development: Bayesian inference applied to small-angle X-ray scattering data
  • Analytic: Information theory applied to small-angle X-ray scattering data
  • Anything that you find exciting that more or less fits into our group

We sometimes get asked:

  • I study physics and don’t know anytyhing about biology or proteins. Is this a problem?
    No! You will pick up the relevant biological aspects on the job, don’t worry!
  • I don’t have any programming skills. Is this a problem?
    No! Many Bachelor/Master projects do not involve low-level programming (e.g., with C/C++). Instead, you will mostly work in a Linux shell and run/write/modify shell scripts to prepare and to analyse complex molecular dynamics simulation setups. Shell scripting is easy, you’ll learn this and we are here to help. You will run the simulations on our GPU clusters. Thus, it is useful if you have seen a Linux shell before, but you will also learn this “on the job”. In case you like programming with C/C++ or Python, we have also interesting projects for you.

We are very much looking forward to hear from you!

Jochen Hub
Jochen Hub
Professor of Computational Biophysics