Joel Chavarria Rivera

Joel Chavarria Rivera

Master student

Saarland University

I finished my bachelors degree in 2017 and continued doing some research with Dr. Kimble at Towson University doing a genetic assessment of crawfish frog populations in the state of Inidiana in the United States. Deciding for a change of scenery I applied and got accepted into the Bioinformatics program at Saarland University. Having studied biology I have a strong foundations in cell biology and genetics. I have also developed a good foundation in programming and can code in C++, python, and scala.

My master thesis is studying the free energies of stalk formation and doing a comparison between the MARTINI force field (Coarse Grained) and CHARMM36 (all-atom).


Building E2 6, room 4.10
+49-681 302-2442
  • Membrane fusion
  • MD simulations
  • Cell biology
  • Programming
  • BSc, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Bioinformatics, 2013-2017

    Towson University