Alejandro Martínez León

Alejandro Martínez León

PhD student

Saarland University

Hi there! My name is Alejandro Martínez León, and I’m a radiochemist with a passion for computational chemistry and biophysics. While my background is in radiochemistry, my recent research and studies have focused heavily on computational chemistry, particularly in the realm of biophysics. I believe that understanding chemistry is the key to understanding life itself, which is why I’ve devoted myself to exploring the fascinating world of computational chemistry. From molecular mechanics to quantum chemistry and everything in between, I’ve spent years honing my skills and expanding my knowledge in this exciting field. My dream is to use these techniques to develop new drugs and diagnostic tools that can help combat some of the world’s most pressing health challenges.

I’m always excited to collaborate and share my work with others, and I strongly believe in the power of open-source technology to advance scientific progress.

When I’m not in the lab, you can find me playing guitar and jamming out to my favorite music.

If you share my passion for computational chemistry and biophysics or just want to chat about science and music, feel free to reach out!


Building E2 6, room 1.08
+49-681 302-3959
  • MD Simulations
  • Enhanced Sampling Techniques
  • Free Energy Calculations
  • Drug Design
  • Programming
  • PhD in Biophysics, 2020–now

    Saarland University, Saarbrücken

  • Master in Radiochemistry, 2018–2020

    Higher Institute of Technologies and Applied Sciences, University of Havana, Cuba

  • Bachelor in Radiochemistry, 2013–2018

    Higher Institute of Technologies and Applied Sciences, University of Havana, Cuba